Tuesday Nights is the name of our class and The Game Room is where we meet when we are not together.

Got a idea that just can't wait...tell us about it.
You need to hash something out, maybe we can help.
Or maybe you just want to see what everybody else is up to.
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My Philosophy.
I teach through action and immersion. Just keep moving, contemplate later. In art, for me at least, there are times of rest and contemplation, and times of work. Art making is a time for work. It is the time to pull from the mental and make physical. Create a reality, a piece of art. For this the contemplative brain needs to move over, the art critic side isn’t even invited to the party. Learn to ask and answer your own questions on the move. The sooner I can get you making art the better. Get something done and then we have something to talk about.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Junk Artist Extraordinaire

My absolutely favorite artist, a fantastic teacher, and a big user of junk in art, Michael deMeng.

Posting for Marsha

Hi Helen-

I have not been able to post to the Blog, but have really loved this…

I just Googled Marcel Duchamp and went through a fantastic webpage “Making Sense of Marcel Duchamp.”  I found it so fascinating, it goes through his whole life and art in chronological order.  I was especially excited getting to his last work.  What a phenomenal life!  Wow!

As I have been contemplating playing with recycled or discarded objects, have thought about how to some people trash looks like something to be discarded, and to me, well I see potential.  To express differing points of view I have been considering using some peepholes to provide little “surprise bonus” to those who participate and look closely into the piece.  I like the idea even better now that I have seen Duchamp’s last project, the gate with the two peepholes. Love it!

Juggling Women

Thought you might enjoy this blog, about juggling art work and family, sound Familiar?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trash for Treasure Exchange!

On the first night bring any trash you think someone else might want and we will do a trash for treasure exchange!

Tuesday Nights, Playing with Trash!

Recycle, Reuse, Recover,
Reutilize, Recondition, Recontextualize.

  I’m inviting you and 19 other artists to play with Trash. I’m inviting you to create something beautiful, provocative and just plan fun out of something unloved, rejected, thrown away. In the tradition of Marcel Ducamp, we are going to work with the Readymade. We will end our fun with a Spring Exhibition, what better a time then the time of renewal! As always, complete artistic freedom is not only allowed but encouraged.
  “Tuesday Nights” is an Art Class/Workshop for local creative types, which is built around a project idea that ends in an exhibition. Mostly this is a way to advance your creative skills while socializing with others of your artistic ilk.
  We don't care about how long you have been at it. Some of us have been plowing the creative fields for a while, others are just starting, all that matters is your willingness to jump in and take chances; after all it's only art. If you have never played with us before check it out or blog.

WHERE: Heidi’s House

WHEN: Tuesday Nights, February 28th, March 27th, April 24th, May 29th and An Exhibition in June.
TIME: 6:00PM - 9:00PM

$80 for four sessions and an exhibition.
$75 for artists who have re-enrolled.
The total price is less then the price of most one-day workshops!
The number of students will be limited to 20.
Enrollment will work on a first come first served basis.

Online consultation is included in the price.
You will be encouraged to team up with others students in a playgroup to meet between classes. The group can also communicate through the class blog.
Once you are enrolled in the class I will add you as one of the authors of the blog, which will allow you to post as well as comment.
Below is the link to the blog.
I want this to be a social and communal art event. 

Goals for the class

1.    The building of an artistic community through socialization with other artist. (There is something to be said about breathing the air of other creative souls.)
2.    Building artistic community through exhibitions. (It’s not about selling; it is about developing artistic energy through sharing with a larger community. Think of it as A Happening.)
3.   To learn to Critique your own and others work effectively.
4.   To develop technical proficiency in a variety of media and/or methods,
       by planning, designing and completing projects.

Any further questions email me at
Helen Wilson
Adjunct Art Department, Palomar College.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Save these Dates for Tuesday Nights

While you're checking out the trash links to the right, save these dates.

Feb 28th
March 27th
April 24th
Last Class May 29th.
Exhibition, June 1st.

Heidi has kindly offered her home, that means a huge room and beverages possible.