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My Philosophy.
I teach through action and immersion. Just keep moving, contemplate later. In art, for me at least, there are times of rest and contemplation, and times of work. Art making is a time for work. It is the time to pull from the mental and make physical. Create a reality, a piece of art. For this the contemplative brain needs to move over, the art critic side isn’t even invited to the party. Learn to ask and answer your own questions on the move. The sooner I can get you making art the better. Get something done and then we have something to talk about.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inspiration and Icons

ICON (ī'kŏn'):
1. An image; a representation.

2. Representation or picture of a sacred or sanctified personage, traditionally used and venerated.

3. An important or enduring symbol or person.

4. A small, on-screen, 
graphic element that represents.

The etymological idea underlying icon is of ‘similarity’. It comes via Latin īcōn from Greek eikn, which was derived from a prehistoric base meaning ‘be like’. From ‘likeness, similarity’, eikn progressed semantically via ‘image’ to ‘portrait, picture’.

Who or what inspires you? 
Pull out that gold paint you thought you would never use,

but first really who is it?
Come with images...plenty of images.
Spend sometime looking up color and number meanings.
Plenty of sites to play around on the right...

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