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I teach through action and immersion. Just keep moving, contemplate later. In art, for me at least, there are times of rest and contemplation, and times of work. Art making is a time for work. It is the time to pull from the mental and make physical. Create a reality, a piece of art. For this the contemplative brain needs to move over, the art critic side isn’t even invited to the party. Learn to ask and answer your own questions on the move. The sooner I can get you making art the better. Get something done and then we have something to talk about.

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Original Corpses

For the sixth year artist Helen Wilson invited the artists' group Tuesday Nights to play the game "Exquisite Corpse."  This is a game by which a collection of images is assembled to form a body. The game was invented by the Surrealists; and earned its name from one of the initial writings: Le cadavre/exquis/boira/le vin/nouveau (the exquisite corpse will drink the young wine).  It is the perfect game for creating art for a Halloween exhibition.

This group plays the game with a bit of a twist. The body is reimagined on proportionally correct pieces of paper.  Each artist draws their version of a head, torso, arms and legs. The results are then spread on the floor, where each artist chooses a body, one part at a time.  Everyone goes home with his or her parts and gets to work. These parts are inspiration for a piece of art. Artists can work in any medium they desire. The only obligation is to the art and to a sense of play, after all, it is just a game. 
These are the drawings that the artists went home with. All the art in the exhibition are based on these orginal exquisite corpses. 

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