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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Next Project...Couch Paintings

Real art doesn’t match the sofa...or does it?


So what’s a Couch Painting you ask? Why yes, just as simple as it sounds, a painting that goes over the couch. Something has to fill that space, right? Historically it is a large rectangular painting in landscape position, most often just that a landscape. Often it’s a Twenty-dollar poster in a Two hundred dollar frame.

Couch Paintings have also been the concurred realm of Abstract Expressionist or Minimalist work of moderate color schemes that of course match the rest of the furniture in the room. The oft goal of a Couch Painting is to state, “yes I have taste,” while not risking too much. It is not often a conversation starter. So, Couch Paintings have long been tied to wall and furniture color as well as style. So lets take that rule to heart and tie them together.

The rules
  1. It needs to be big enough to fill the space behind a sofa.
  2. A couch or a chair must be part of the subject matter. Even if it is out of place, tiny or well hidden.
  3. You must have fun.

Does a large canvas intimidate you? We are going to overcome the fear of going big, while we paint a new painting for your living room wall that will have you trading in that sofa for something that will match your new work of art.

Tuesday come with a canvas or an old couch painting to alter. Also you will need a thumbnail sketch of you composition. We will start with a slide show lecture and then a demo of how to get started painting large.  It really is only enough time to get an under painting started, but start we will. Think about color scheme and painting style from the beginning. I have added several links. One article on the history of Couch Paintings from the New York Times and one on Color Schemes and Painting Styles. The finish date is the end of January.
New Project
This project may need a play date or two.

Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things                                                                                                  Edgar Degas


  1. I made an 8" x 12" sketch in a drawing pad. It would be awesome to use a projector to enlarge it. Does anyone have one?

  2. I think we can make that happen!
    Print it on a transparency.

  3. If you guys want a really good look at couch paintings, go to the home furnishings section of Home Goods in Poway. Double aisles of them.

  4. Antonia just snag a good one at a Thrift store.

  5. Helen, Janene, Susie and I did not make it to the Nov. class. Do you have slides or info. to share with us to catch us up?

  6. It was a whole lecture, it is easier if you just ask me what you don't get.
    The basic Idea is painting large. Large enough to fill the space above the couch. Someplace in the painting no matter how small it needs to have furniture. I will attach some other photos. I did get an overhead so if you have an image that you would like to project that would be fine. Print it on a transparency You can also take the tack of reworking a pre existing couch painting. I did a demo on starting a painting.
    Check out all the links.